Baek-Son is the current White Elder of the foxes, as well as Ryo-Woon's father.

Appearance Edit

Baek-Son has long white hair and wears blue robes. He has numerous white tails sticking out from behind.

Personality Edit

He first appears with a frown on his face, showing he maybe a serious character, but at the sametime he is shown to be laid back, and enjoys taking trips to the Human World. He prefers keeping secrets and likes mocking his peers, notably Hyun-Ryung.


Baek-Son laughing at Hyun-Ryung.

He can be very ruthless and cunning as well.

Manga Overview Edit

During the meeting with the Green Elder, Baek-Son calmly tells Hyun-Ryung that the orb his son possesses maybe his, thus he could not be the Reincarnation. This sends the Black Elder into a fit of rage, telling him if that if his son truly isn't the Reincarnation, as he led the clan to the believe, then he has turned the entire clan into his enemies.

Upon Hyun-Ryung's departure, Baek-Son bursts into laughter, surprised by the reason for the meeting to concern Banya, who he asks the Green Elder if he has attempted to harm his son, to which Ajussi answers "no".

When asked by Ajussi if the orb with his son really is his or not, he laughingly asks how could it be his. This puts Ajussi into an uncomfortable expression.

According to Ryo-Woon, his father brought his mother to the spirit world and won't let her and her son leave until Ryo-Woon can prove to everyone that he isn't the reincarnation. The orb Ryo-Woon possesses was given to him by Baek-Son when he was a child.

Due to his claim about Ryo-Woon, Hyun-Ryung states that the White Elder has made efforts to protect his son from the other foxes, which is why her plan to test Ryo-Woon is a secret.

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