Not much is known about Banya's father except for what he looks like and that he became a god.

Appearance Edit

Banya's father has long, golden hair and eyes, the indicator that he became a clan leader. Unlike all the foxes with a humanoid figure, he is the only one with fox ears on top of his head.

History Edit

At some point, this fox courted Hwa-Yeon and conceived a child with her. He later became a god.

For reasons unknown, Hwa-Yeon drove him mad and led him to annihilate numerous god and creatures, turning the Heavens inside out.

As a result, the King was left with no choice but to put him out of existence.

Hwa-Yeon's actions broke the fox clan's pride and dignity, and she was thus disgraced. She decided that, in order to earn forgiveness, her son Banya needed to become a god and apologize in her stead.

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