Bub-Woon is the monk who sealed Banya into the Scroll for a thousand years. Bub-Woon's reincarnation - which comes every thousand years - is the only one able to release Banya from the Scroll. Bub-Woon's reincarnation is currently Lee So-Yoon.

History Edit

Bub-Woon is a monk who never stays in one place too long, in order to avoid upsetting people with the spirits he attracts. One day, he brought in Hwa-Yeon, a beautiful fox, who grew close to and was envied by his fellow monks.

One day, Banya caught him at the scene of Hwa-Yeon's death, and witnessed him absorbing her orb as he held her dying self in his arms. This began a long bitter hatred from Banya, who attempted at every encounter to avenge his mother by killing Bub-Woon.

Eventually, while on top of a mountain, Bub-Woon sealed Banya into a Scroll, but ended up falling from the cliff moments later. While hovering over his dead body, Bub-Woon talks to Mok-Young Ajussi, discussing what his plans are from then on.

A thousand years later, Mok-Young gives the orb to a newborn Lee So-Yoon, who absorbs the orb on instinct. This caused Banya - who has been in charge of protecting her family - not to realize that she was the reincarnation he searches for every night. Bub-Woon's spirit is also forced to lie dormant until it is time for him to reawaken.

Trivia Edit

  • When he was falling to his death, Mok-Young says he could save himself with Hwa-Yeon's orb, but Bub-Woon refuses, saying that this outcome was fine to him, since he didn't want the orb's powers.
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