Synopsis Edit

Three teens, including Dong-Soon, walk up Spirit Mountain on a dare and are chased out by Lee So-Yoon and her Grandmother. The next day, he tells their classmates that it was So-Yoon who chased him out (and knocked him out by jumping on his back), but she stumbles, causing Hyung-Nim to laugh at him, asking him if "that clumsy girl really jumped on [his] back". He follows her throughout the day, determined to capture identify her as the person who startled him on the mountain, but she keeps falling and stumbling about throughout the day, causing him to doubt himself. He then sees her at the end of the day jumping over a fence in one leap, and realizes it was her that knocked him out on the mountain.

So-Yoon goes to her Grandmother's fortune telling tent after school, and the two of them walk home along with Ko-ko, while Banya lights the way, using a spirit he captured.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, there was a festival the year before the mountain became off-limits.
  • Stories of the Mediums and the Ninetails are passed down to the citizens surrounding the mountain.
  • The teens trespassing the mountain go to Lee So-Yoon's school.
  • Carrying Dong-Soon and his two friends down the mountain caused So-Yoon's Grandmother to go to the hospital for back pain.
  • So-Yoon mentions that both her parents died when she was born, and that she has an uncle.
  • Grandmother can't see spirits.
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