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Lee So-Yoon wakes up to the spirits of the Guardian God and presumably, his wife, Chowang, arguing over his playing pranks with dishes. Outside, Banya and Ko-ko are about to have a fight, when So-Yoon's Grandmother throws a bucket of water at them, pretending her "hand slipped". Because Banya and Ko-ko were fighting, So-Yoon feels bad for Ko-ko and tells him that she'll ask Grandmother to make him a family later (to Banya's amusement, as Ko-ko looked horrified).

So-Yoon tells Banya how because he chased Ko-ko out of the house, some of her classmates, including Dong-Soon, saw her as she was out looking for him. The two of them ignore her and start to fight, So-Yoon then teases Banya about becoming a Medium, which he disagrees on, but she later tells him that she doesn't intend to become a Medium because she doesn't want someone "to be watching over "her" constantly".

So-Yoon then reminisces to when she was a child when Banya was telling her that he was looking for a certain human. He tells her that when he does find him, he'll be leaving his Scroll, and if he loses his chance, he'll have to wait another 1,000 years. He then proceeds to tell her that if she in fact, does become a Medium, she'll make him lose his chance.

Trivia Edit

  • Guardian Gods in Korean folklore are protectors of the house, much like Greek and Roman gods.
  • One of Banya's pet names for Ko-ko is "Meatball".
  • Banya likes to chase Ko-ko out the house, which So-Yoon dislikes because it means she has to go looking for him.
  • It's not the first time So-Yoon people have come up the mountain and saw things they shouldn't have.
  • The amount of ghosts on Spirit Mountain has only increased due its being closed off.
  • Banya looks for the reincarnation of the person who sealed him into his Scroll every night, but still can't find him.
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