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Lee So-Yoon tells Banya that she doesn't want to become a Medium because it will be burdensome for him, before hiking down Spirit Mountain to school. While passing many Bad Spirits as she makes her way down, her Rosary slips off her wrist. Banya picks it up and returns it turn her, protecting So-Yoon from becoming a Snake Gentleman's bride.

So-Yoon reminisces to when she was a child, and her Grandmother was telling her that becoming a Medium was like marrying a god. As a child, So-Yoon asks her if marrying a god was good, and Grandmother tells her that it's the most honourable position in the family, and tells her that her mother would be proud. So-Yoon then tells her no, saying "Mummy doesn't like it. She's telling me not to do this." Grandmother tells her that her mother would be proud, and gives So-Yoon ceremonial bells, telling her to dance like a mudang to welcome the god in.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason he chased So-Yoon down the mountain in the first place is because of her comment to him about not wanting to be a burden to him.
  • If So-Yoon becomes a Medium and contracted to a god, Banya won't be able to leave his Scroll.
  • Yo-Soon is spiritually powerful.
  • Yo-Soon is the second person to refuse becoming a Medium.
  • So-Yoon has been able to see her mother's ghost since she was a child.
  • If So-Yoon becomes a Medium, the ghosts around their house would be cleared once and for all.
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