Chul is the name of the male Bulgasari Shinsoo that lives in the Bamboo Forest on Spirit Mountain with his wife, Suhl.

Appearance Edit

Chul looks like a small elephant with tusks with fur colored baby blue and baby yellow.

Personality Edit

Chul is generally pretty cowardly, oftenly seen crying because of Banya's rudeness towards him. When being scolded by Chul, she stretches out his nose in punishment. However, when encouraged by So-Yoon, he is quite formidable.

Abilities Edit

  • As a Bulgasari, he can dispel nightmares and miasma.
  • He can use his spiritual powers to drive away the miscellaneous Heoju.
  • His fur, alongside Suhl's, can be used as a charm to keep Heoju away, like in the case of So-Yoon's Rosary.
  • He can presumably grow in size like Suhl, if he eats metal.

Trivia Edit

  • Banya ties him to a stick in Chapter 1 because he thought So-Yoon's Grandmother was having nightmares.
  • He stayed tied to said stick for some amount of time, as he didn't think to free himself.
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