It is the title given to a nine-tails fox who is in charge of a fox clan.


Black Elder Edit

Hyun-Ryung - Is the current and only known Black Elder.

Green Elder Edit

Mok-Young Ajussi - Is the current and only known Green Elder. He resides in the Choeum Palace.

Red Elder Edit

Former Elder - Is the previous Red Elder who disappeared, leaving the position vacant.

Jeokyeon - Is the current Red Elder who was given the position ten years ago. He does not care about his job much and hopes to pass the title onto his predecessor's chosen successor.

White Elder Edit

Baek-Son - Is the current White Elder. He is the father of Ryo-Woon.

Other Edit

Banya's Father - Is the former Elder of an unnamed clan. He went on to become a God.

Hwa-Yeon - Is the former Elder of an unnamed clan. She was the lover of her predecessor and gave birth to Banya. She was presumably killed by her fiance, Bub-Woon. Her orb exists inside Lee So-Yoon.

Trivia Edit

  • Customarily, Fox Elders have nine-tails, however, Jeokyeon was made an exception. He currently has only eight tails.
  • Other foxes are expected to show unconditional respect and loyalty to an Elder, regardless of their clan.
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