Goong-Bi is a talking mouse. He tricked Banya twice by transforming into So-Yeon the day she died (which made him want to kill him) to distract him (at her request) and then by transforming into So-Yoon and saying that he liked him (which were So-Yoon's true feelings for Banya, which she didn't know at the time until Goong-Bi told her what he said to Banya).

Personality Edit

Goong-Bi is a rather self-serving creature. Although he can be very loyal to those he cares about and respects, he often times uses his shape-shifting abilities to get what he wants.

He is not very brave, and is easily frightened by others, namely Banya. Due to his trickery, Banya attempts to kill him whenever they see each other.

Manga Overview Edit

Goong-Bi was a companion of the Green Elder Mok-Young Ajussi, who accompanied him during his trips to the human world. Goong-Bi especially disliked the spirit world, and this may be to do with the fox servants of Ajussi tended to think of him as delicious or edible.

For his own safety, Ajussi eventually left him in the care of Chae-Rim for his own safety and comfort.


Whenever Goong-Bi eats the nail of a human, he can transform into that person and read their thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are stored in their soul through their nail.

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