The mother of Lee So-Yeon, she lives atop Spirit Mountain with her granddaughter, Lee So-Yoon.

Appearance Edit

So-Yoon's Grandmother is a graying old women With fine lines on her face. She is more often than not seen frowning or glaring at everyone except So-Yoon, Banya being the frequent target of her anger. She is almost always seen in her green jacket, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

She is generally a sarcastic old woman who is rather stern. Banya is typically the person she is at odds with, often disciplining him for his actions. She believes children should respect their elders, and whacks Ryo-Woon atop the head with rolled newspapers when he is speaking casually towards her (as if she were a kid like him). She is rarely stern towards So-Yoon.

Trivia Edit

  • When she was a young girl, she would cry in front of Banya's Scroll, wishing that she could be a Medium.
  • She is a Fortune Teller during the day.
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