Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld are the three worlds in the series.

History Edit

Around the time the world began, the world was split into three (Chunliln). The Earth and Heaven's king yearned to hear what the world thought about this.

The human world was chaos itself, with humans and ghosts not bound to any order, so a day was set when ghost would ascend to Heaven to relay the world's stories to the King. This was called "No Vis Day", and the human world gradually regained order.

Unlike them, the rightful creatures training to be celestial beings had order, and ascended to Heaven once every one hundred years to speak with the King. For them, who waited restlessly for this day were filled with respect and desire for the Heavens.

The same applied to the fox's world as well.

The nine-tails of the fox clan were given god's rights when they lived for one thousand years, and they earned the ranking of a lower class god.

Among them, there was one outstanding and special existence, and he became the fox god that served the King. He had the rank of a high-class god that can even have Earth's mountain deities and local gods as his subordinates. He became the subject of all foxes' pride, respect and envy.

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