Hong-Lang is the former Red Elder of the Red Fox Clan.

History Edit

Ten years ago, this elder apparently vanished. This left the position of Fox Elder to Jeokyeon, an unwilling choice. It was no secret that this elder had intended for Mi-Hyang to be her successor.

Red Elder and Ryo-Woon's mother

According to Jeokyeon, this Elder had a sense of inferiority towards Ryo-Woon's Mother, and on the day Ryo-Woon's mother joined the White Fox Clan, she praised the human woman excessively for her looks.

Trivia Edit

  • It is speculated by Mok-Young Ajussi that the nine-tails orb given to Ryo-Woon by his father in fact belongs to this Elder.
  • Ryo-Woon's Mother looks exactly like Hwa-Yeon, who she hated when she was alive.
  • Hong-Lang and Hyun-Ryung appeared to be very close to each other, as Hong-Lang openly admits to her that after 1,000 years after Hwa-Yeon's death, that it was unfair that she had to watch a human who looked exactly like stay with the Fox Clan.
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