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Hwa-Yeon is the deceased clan leader and mother of Banya.


Banya resembles his mother in that they both have fair skin, white hair and dark eyes. Upon becoming clan leader, Hwa-Yeon's hair turned golden, and she had numerous tails of golden color appear from behind her. Like Banya, she wore blue robes.


Hwa-Yeon began an intimate relationship with a fox, who went onto to become a god while she stayed behind and raised their child, Banya. It is implied that, during her son's childhood, she fell in love with Bub-Woon.

At one point, she became a clan leader because it was the gods' choice, although she wished to become human. She was not popular. It is stated she committed a heinous sin, driving her husband mad and leading to the disgrace of the fox clan.

Banya would one day stumble upon her during her final moments, soaked in blood and barely conscious, with Bub-Woon looming over her and eating her orb.

Thinking Bub-Woon killed his mother, Banya has hated him since.

According to Bub-Woon, Hwa-Yeon gave him her orb willingly, though he reveals this only to Mok-Young Ajussi. She also told him to protect Banya.

Banya and his mother

Banya's mother's last moments being witnessed by Banya