Hyun-Ryung is the current Black Elder of the foxes.

Appearance Edit

Hyun-Ryung is a tall woman with silky black hair and sharp golden eyes. She has fair skin and wears red lipstick. Like most elders, she has numerous tails sticking out from behind her, colored black according the her position as Black Elder.

Personality Edit

Hyun-Ryung has a fierce temper, in contrast to White Elder Baek-Son, who is always calm and easily able to taunt her. Hyun-Ryung's subordinates known not to misbehave in her presence. Going against her orders is an act worthy of punishment. However, she is not without mercy.

History Edit

Sometime in the past, she denounced Hwa-Yeon as the Chief of the fox clan.


Hyun-Ryung calling Hwa-Yeon a disgrace to the fox clan.

A subordinate named Hon later tearfully told her, that when the reincarnation returns, it will kill all those who reduced Hwa-Yeon to 'that', meaning the Elder as well.

Chapter Overview Edit

Hyun-Ryung was present during the meeting between the three Elders to discuss about Banya. Baek-Son comically laughed at her remarks and even called her "old". During the meeting, she expressed her belief that Ryo-Woon was the reincarnation, but was rebuffed and told by Baek-Son that the orb Ryo-Woon had was his.

Feeling that Baek-Son had made a fool of the foxes, in a fit of anger, she warns that if his son is not the reincarnation, then the whole of the fox clan will turn against him.

After the meeting, she orders two of her subordinates to capture Ryo-Woon and bring him to over, secretly. She wishes to see for herself, who Ryowoon really is. She tells one of them that if Ryo-Woon does not possess the Chief's orb as his father has been constantly saying, then "a storm of blood" will hit the fox clan.

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