Jeokyeon is the current Red Elder of the Red Fox Clan.

History Edit

Jeokyeon is an eight-tails fox, who ten years prior was unwillingly given the position of Fox Elder, following the disappearance of the previous Elder, Hong-Lang.

Prior to this, he had lived a hermit life to avoid conflict with the other fox clans.

Jeokyeon promises that once the situation is resolved, he will quietly pass on the title to his underling, Mi-Hyang, who was the intended successor.

Manga Overview Edit

Jeokyeon leaves the spirit realm to go searching for the elixir of life, but is forced to wait for the arrival of rabbit gods. In the meantime, he goes to meet Banya, who he believes to be as beautiful as Ryo-Woon's mother.

Their meeting starts off as violent since Banya has a terrible history with Fox Elders. Jeokyeon then proceeds to mess with Banya by flirting with, and transferring to, So-Yoon's school.

He later encounters members of the Black fox clan pursuing Ryo-Woon, and demands their reason. Upon learning that the Black Elder believes Ryo-Woon is the reincarnation, Jeokyeon decides to interrogate Ryo-Woon then and there. He is shocked, along with the other foxes, when Ryo-Woon confesses he is carrying the reincarnation's orb.

Abilities Edit

Jeokyeon's flaming sword

Although a Fox Elder, Jeokyeon possesses only eight tails, making him inferior in strength to nine tails such as Banya. Among his abilities is to produce a flaming sword, which can slice through Banya's energy balls. In physical combat, he is noticeably weaker than Banya.

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