This woman is the ancestor of Lee So-Yoon's family.

Personality Edit

This woman acknowledges that humans commit sin, even after accepting a god. She stated that gods punish disobedient humans or leave them all together, and claimed those who made these mistakes were novices, unlike herself. The absence of her god would cause her to starve to death.

She is noticeably greedy, wanting a reward for taking in Banya or something in exchange, and admitted that she was willing to indulge herself in sin and wouldn't mind Banya receiving punishment for it. Ajussi also noted that she was rather selfish.

History Edit

This woman has been a priestess her entire life, and serves at least one god. At some point, she also served Hwa-Yeon, until the latter's death. This woman soon became the sole survivor of who those served her, and is aware of Banya's entire story as a result.

Green Elder Mok-Young Ajussi thus decided that this woman was the perfect human to keep Banya's Scroll. Although she distrusted foxes for their tendency to eat human livers and steal spirits, Ajussi managed to convince her to keep Banya on the grounds that she and her descendants would be protected.

is the sole survivor of the people who served Hwa-Yeon, and was thus considered the perfect human to keep Banya's Scroll, since she also knew Banya's entire story.

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