Mi-Hyang is a fire fox who first came to the city to visit the Rabbits from the Moon.

Appearance Edit

Mi-Hyang is a red haired, five-tails fox. She has red eyes, a red coat, a black strapless dress that ends mid-thigh with a red cloth tied around It, and red high heels. She likes Ryo-Eun.

History Edit

Not much is known about Mi-Hyang's past except that the last Red Elder had favored her and the only reason she didn't become the Red Elder when the previous one disappeared ten years ago is because another red fox had one more tail than her.

Manga overview Edit

After the arrival of the new Red Elder, Mi-Hyang decides to hang around Ryo-Eun, despite his discomfort. She presents herself as a new student at his school so she can spend more time with him.

Mi-Hyang claims that at one point, Ryo-Eun saved her life around the time the former Elder died.

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