Mok-Young Ajussi is a powerful fox said to be 300 years older than Banya. He is also the Green Elder.

Appearance Edit

Ajussi usually has his short, dark olive hair tied up, wears a blue vest over his clothing and black boots. This is considered his human disguise. In his true form, Ajussi's hair is very long, he wears formal robes, and has nine green-tinted tails sticking out from behind.


Ajussi is a member of the fox clan, and was acquaintances with Hwa-Yeon and Bub-Woon. At some point, he fell in love with a human who was serving Hwa-Yeon. Years later, he would rescue the reincarnation of this woman from being hit by an in-coming vehicle. This person is Chae-Rim.

Ajussi is a known, among the humans, as a man who gathers herbs once a month upon the haunted Spirit Mountain.

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