Ryo-Woon is a spiritually-gifted schoolmate of So-Yoon.

Appearance Edit

Ryo-Woon has back hair that has a blue-ish tint to it and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Ryo-Woon is shown to have a very calm and accepting personality, as shown how he easily accepts seeing the Bulgsari couple and picking up Goong-Bi who had been talking to himself in a bush hiding from Banya. He can be very calculating and often thinks how he is going to prove that he's not the reincarnation. He often fights with Banya (fights which Banya starts) but the two are more like rivals and tend to be somewhat similar.


It is known that Ryo-Woon the son of a fox father, known by the name of Baek-Son, and a human mother (the latter stated by himself). He has a fox orb inside of him (which he ate as a child) and was at first thought to be the reincarnation by Banya.

However, this was a ploy set up by his father, the White Elder, who spread rumors that Ryo-Woon was indeed the reincarnation. Ryo-Woon and his mother, who was trapped in the spirit world, were promised freedom if Ryo-Woon could prove that he wasn't the reincarnation.

Relationships Edit

Banya Edit

He and Banya tend to have childish arguments with each other (usually started by Banya).

So-Yoon Edit

He first saw So-Yoon when she was chasing Koko down the street on her way to her grandmother's fortune-telling tent. They are on friendly terms, but they do keep many secrets from each other.

Baek-Son Edit

Is Ryo-Woon's biogical father, who brought his mother to the spirit world and had Ryo-Woon swallow another nine-tails orb when he was a child. Baek-Son requests his son to prove that he is not the reincarnation, as he himself had told others, that way he can avoid being spied on and will be allowed to live in the human world along with his mother. He has also ordered Ryo-Woon to bring the reincarnation to him once it has been found.

Mi-Hyang Edit

Is a red fox Ryo-Woon met as a child, and who he comforted following the disappearance of the previous Red Elder. This caused Mi-Hyang to develop romantic feelings for him. One night, she broke through his defenses and approached him, telling him how she trusted him to be the reincarnation, noting how half-bloods don't survive past birth. Ryo-Woon in turn, does not accept her advances, nor her presence likable.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first and only known half-spirit in the series.
  • He was born in December.
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